Dark knight with heath ledger

Не. Heath Ledger поделился -ась публикацией. Heath Ledger 18 декабря г.

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Heath Ledger 17 декабря г. Heath Ledger с Hemant Sharma и ещё 2. Heath Ledger с Vicky Gill. Heath Ledger с Keerthan Aggu Raj и ещё 4. Works of art of the one and only Heath Ledger!

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Heath Ledger 17 июля г. Heath Ledger поделился -ась фотографией.

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The Dark Knight

That is, you need to immerse yourself in the image and stay in it, I like it. And Heath shared my enthusiasm.

He did not leave the role while he was in makeup and costume, but after filming Heath flushed off all this and turned into an excellent company guy "- recalls Bale. I answered him: Everything will look natural on the screen and without it.

He himself fought against the walls, covered with tiles, and so that they left cracks and dents. Next year will be 10 years from the death of Ledger, who died 22 January, and the release of "The Dark Knight" on wide screens.

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